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Horror Holidays

The year is nearly at an end. Hallelujah! We certainly had another year full of adventure and the Holidays were no different. Christmas is one of the best times for Horror, in our opinion anyway, and so we filled our Holiday season with frights.

Here's The 12 Things of Christmas Horror that filled our stockings;

1. We watched KRAMPUS ! Listen to episode 23 for our thoughts on this new Christmas classic.

2. We recorded episode 23 Krampus, and hunted for him at the German Christmas Market in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (no success!)

3. We watched our favorite Christmas Horror Movie BLACK CHRISTMAS (podcast Episode 10) . This movie gets me every time! The Scream Factory bluray edition is beautiful to watch.

4. We went to an awesome Christmas Haunt in Oklahoma City and found Krampus!

5. We also escaped from a Gremlin.

6. Justine was attacked, mid-selfie, by a scary snow man.

7. We watched the cult classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. You know, the movie where a disturbed man dresses up like Santa and kills topless women.

8. Josh got a couple of pairs of amazing Freddy Krueger socks! They are glorious. (second pair not pictured)

9. We had our annual viewing of the Season 1 episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT titled ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE. Another killer Santa tale! It's not Christmas 'til we've watched it!

10. We drank a lot of MULLED WINE. Okay, not scary, but a new tradition we will continue :) Wine always makes everything better.

11. Watched Gremlins on Christmas Eve! Always a holiday favorite. Could Mogwai be any cuter!

12. Fun with faces on Christmas. This was terrifying! :)

We hope everyone had a great Holiday season! And continue being awesome in the New Year. Keep it spooky!!!

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