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Runners and Walkers

If you need an example of what stepping outside your comfort zone looks like, look no further!

We read about this Zombie 5k, located in Muskogee OK at the Castle of Muskogee, months ago and thought "Let's train and do this!" Well...we didn't train, but we did it anyways!

We drove 2.5 hours full of anticipation. We really didn't know what to expect. Could we finish? We knew we would have 3 ribbons and if we finished with at least one we would be deemed "survivors" and if we lost them all we would be "infected". Our goal was that at least one of us would be a survivor.

We arrived and the location was perfection! It was hosted by the "Muskogee Castle" and this is a structure that's a sprawling Medieval fair ground. They host Halloween events, Renaissance fairs, Christmas celebrations and Zombie 5k runs!

We were geared up and ready, and when that gun shot the signal to run, we sprinted away from zombies coming at all sides! However, sprinting in a 5k means you can't really pace yourself. So a mile and a half in we were getting exhausted! Though, at this point we still had all our flags and were feeling determined!

I had to stop and gain my composer. Running non stop was getting to me. I'm not an athletic being. AT ALL. Justine was still going strong! but of course she waited on me while I drank some water and got my second wind.

Well, I got my second wind and also got "infected". Justine, after mile 2, had one ribbon left. We were going to get her to the finish line as a survivor! With zombies coming out of the woods, shelters, and on the path, we tried to power through. I tried to stay in front of her to block her flags, but we met one very determined Zombie that was NOT going to let Justine through without a fight. literally.

One zombie came charging at Justine. Justine saw her coming and tried to run and block her flag, but this Girl Zombie came barreling towards her grabbing for her flag! The zombie tripped and fell into Justine punching her and ripping the number off her shirt while she grabbed her last flag. "Sorry" said the zombie :)

So alas, we finished the race, went down a water slide into mud and were ultimately "Infected". But hey, we finished and we got a medal!

INFECTED!  but we finished!

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