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Post Halloween Blues

It's been ten days since Halloween ended and we're still in mourning. The candy corn, Jack O'Lanterns, and endless horror TV has left us. But in spirit and our hearts it's always All Hallows Eve.

Our Halloween started early. We got in the festive mood at the beginning of September when we ran in the Zombie 5k! Shortly After we went on our Exorcist adventure in D.C. and then October was full of spooky fun!

When we recorded Episode 21: Sleepy Hollow we went on a brief but celebratory trip to Bixby Oklahoma to visit Washington Irving Memorial Park. No better way to spend the day then to celebrate this icon of the season.

Washington Irving is the famous American writer from New York responsible for the original Halloween story Sleepy Hollow. So, you might be asking why is there a Park/Memorial for this yank in Oklahoma? After some quick research it appears Mr. Irving was a man of adventure. He came to Oklahoma in 1832 (October in fact!) and spent 30 days, in what was then Indian territory, to shoot buffalo (jerk!) and to spend time with the Native Americans. He subsequently wrote the book A Tour On the Prairies. Now everything in Bixby is named after Washington Irving!

We had a nice drive and a fun time talking about Sleepy Hollow. We recorded Episode 21 and enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful fall day, the colors were just changing, and once there we had a frolic in the park and saw all the memorials and plaques dedicated to the author. Justine even managed to get a twerk session in with the bronze statue of Washington Irving! After relishing this fall day, we headed home with thoughts of Headless Horsemens dancing in our heads.

Enjoy episode 21: Sleepy Hollow!

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