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Frightening and Fabulous!

The high of Texas Frightmare Weekend is fading and WE are left with a feeling that can best be described as post holiday blues. All three days of the convention, starting May 5th and ending the 7th, were inspiring and exciting.

For horror fans like we are there is nothing better than coming together, with like minded people, to fellowship over all things creepy, gory, and spooky!

This year did not disappoint! For a full rundown of our shenanigans, listen to EPISODE 15: FRIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE, but in the meantime, here is a list of our favorite Frightmare things!

1. Meeting "mama DEE" Wallace and Michael Berryman for our "Hills Have Eyes" Picture! and Hills Have Eyes panel!

2. Dario Argento! meeting him, taking pictures, Suspiria panel and late night showing of The Bird With The Crystal Plummage! Magnifico!

3. Friday Night Party! perfect people watching! and "Roach" Does the YMCA

4. Blumhouse Panel! very inspiring!

5. Friday the 13th part 5 panel!

6. Vendors, vendors, vendors! lots of good shoppping!

7. Elevator rides with the stars :)

8. The 31 panel!

9. Our Wonderful Hotel!

10. The Feeling of Halloween in Spring!

We had an amazing time! Listen to Episode 15! We will surely be back next year!

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