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Family Friendly Fun?

April Showers bring ...lots of fun if you're in a Cabin In The Woods!

We've looked forward to this Episode since February!

We finally found a suitable Cabin for our Episode 14: The Cabin In The Woods road trip! Our adventure led us to the outskirts of Branson, Missouri. After 6 hours of interstates, windy mountain highways, and gravel roads, we made it!

We checked into Cabin number 3 , by the lake, and after settling into our quaint quarters (that smelled like mothballs and grandma's house!) we decided that the first plan of action was to get a nice drink! Mojitos and Mexican food in town it was!

After filling our bellies and throwing a drink back, we decided to check "Old Town Branson" by foot. Our short trek took us to DICKS 5 & 10, a staple in town. It was glorious! Old fashion vibe, tons of random things you don't need, tons of random things you do need! and a little horror section where we picked up Freddy and Jason glasses! Perfect for cold beer later that evening.

We went back to cabin number 3 and had that beer in our glasses while we played SLASH CARDS on the deck in the moonlight. We also took a stroll down to the lake where we scared ourselves.

Next morning we awoke to a nice sized Thunderstorm! We opened the door and wrapped up in blankets and watched Back To The Future on TV. It was a weirdly perfect moment.

That day was Easter Sunday, so we did what all good families do on Easter and had a big lunch at a restaurant with a HUGE patriotic chicken out front. As you Do. Our plans for the day, which included SILVER DOLLAR CITY (theme park) and riding the "Ducks" didn't pan out due to the storms. But we managed to have a blast anyway! We got lost in a Mirror Maze, played some weird "5D" haunted castle video game, and wandered around the HOLLYWOOD WAX MUSEUM (where we managed to have lots of laughs).

After a day of fun we had our final meal in Branson, yummy Irish cuisine (so yeah, Fish and Chips and Guiness meatloaf). After more beer we hung out by the lake, and worked on our Instagram Challenge ( Scream Queens Podcast Halloween In May Challenge).

The next morning was bittersweet as we said goodbye to a fun weekend getaway. The most depressing part was leaving at 6:30 a.m. and driving straight to work (yes, your Soul Survivor and Final Girl work together!). We had fun recording the podcast, We hope you enjoy!

See You Next Month!!!!

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