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54 Years Later in Dallas...

54 years ago on November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Everyone, including you and I, have our theories and speculations about that fateful day. Did Oswald act alone? Was Jack Ruby part of the conspiracy? Was there a 4th shot? I certainly don't know! But sometimes, the simplest explanation is the answer.

Justine and I watched The Dead Zone, starring Christopher Walken and adapted from Stephen Kings novel, and knew the anniversary was looming. We thought it would be a great opportunity (and an interesting episode) to go to Dallas and visit Dealey Plaza, the sight of the tragedy since The Dead Zone deals with themes of political assassination.

The drive from Oklahoma City is a mere 3 hours. The perfect amount of time for us to record. Once there we spent about an hour and a half exploring "The Sixth Floor" museum. It is located in the School Book Depository where Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy. The museum does a great job of taking you through the time period, and gives you a glimpse into the political climate in Dallas leading up to that tragically historic day.

We walked around Dealey Plaza and took pictures of the infamous grassy knoll (where the alleged 2nd shooter was said to be located) and the X's that mark the spot where JFK was killed.

After, we continued across town and took pictures of the boarding home Oswald was living in during the assassination.

Curiosity made us wander over to Fort Worth to visit Oswalds grave. It was a very surreal and somber experience. It was also like a macabre treasure hunt. We had to follow written directions, from some random site on the internet, to find it. Once discovered, it's actually rather sad. Only his last name is on the simple slab, without a date of birth or death.

It was a full day and we were ready to head home and record part 2 of our episode! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed Episode 22: The Dead Zone!

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