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How many steps to the Exorcist house?!

As we drove over the Potomac River, on a brightly sunny day, we couldn't get over the giddy feeling of being in the vicinity of where one of our favorite horror films, The Exorcist , was filmed.

This journey was the major highlight of our road trip adventure to see my dad in Winchester, VA . We drove two days to get to my pops and journeyed out from there to visit Georgetown in D.C. (about an hour away). Georgetown is a hipster neighborhood/college town in D.C. Though on this bright day it still held an eerie vibe. I'm sure that feeling was due to knowing this is where The Exorcist was made.

We drove up the huge hill that later we would be walking down. There was the house! We parked and walked directly to the house, almost like we were possessed ;) okay, maybe not that dramatic. But there it was! Even with the changes over the years (fake facade gone, roof was remodeled, and a large fence surrounding the perimeter) you couldn't mistake it! And right beside the house were those famous steps!

And steep steps they were! We of course were going to go up and down them. All 75 steps! After taking pics and exploring around the house we journeyed below. Slowly. Steeply. Holding on for dear life! Ok, I'm just in a dramatic mood today. But honestly, the man jogging up and down the steps didn't do much for our ego.

After making it to the bottom it became a selfie and picture fest! They had a plaque commemorating the film at the bottom. I also threw myself down the stairs and reenacted the death of Father Karras. Justine was Father Dyre. Okay, again, didn't happen, but it felt right.

After gawking and filling our hearts and minds with this experience, it was time to go. We loaded into our sound booth (aka my Kia Soul) and drove around and saw some of the streets Ellen Burstyn and Co walked around in the movie. It was an incredible day!

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