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Show me Showman's Rest!

At Showmen's Rest in Hugo, Oklahoma !

Another month means another new adventure! We weren't able to secure our cabin for March, which meant we couldn't make Episode 13 Cabin In the Woods. No worries! The Final Girl Justine and I have been incredibly excited to explore Showmen's Rest in Hugo, Oklahoma. This would have been Episode 14, but a simple switch made it our 13th adventure!

We headed out on a perfectly gloomy Saturday morning. We were prepared with drinks and snacks for the 3 hour drive to Circus City USA (aka Hugo)!! We decided on the longest route which lead us down fun winding back roads through small Oklahoma towns. We had fun recording part 1, and had many laughs while doing so!

Once there, we were struck by the poignancy of the cemetery. Showmen's Rest is actually apart of a larger cemetery, but people come from all over to visit the circus section. Once upon a time Hugo was known as Circus City USA because this is where 18 different circus company's came to hunker down for Winter. Now many circus veterans of various talent and craft are laid to rest in this small Oklahoma town.

Showmen's Rest is filled with wondrous headstone's carved with intricate circus scenes. Headstones with elephants, trapeze artist, circus tents, etc either carved or designed fill this section of the cemetery. We spent 45 minutes or more exploring, taking pictures and ultimately just taking it in. Yes, the 3 hour drive was worth 45 minutes in this kind- hearted place of rest.

After, we kept the circus theme going by having lunch at "Angie's Circus City Diner". Delicious Oklahoma cuisine was needed. So Chicken Fried Steak it was! We stuffed ourselves and got back on the road!

We recorded part 2, and after recording for 20 minutes and feeling great about it, we realized it only recorded 35 seconds! After being rage filled for a few minutes, we got over it and rerecorded. I think it turned out just as well.


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