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"The Faculty" Road trip or When aliens invaded Josh's Body?

Well, our fun little road trip adventure sure took a strange course last weekend!

Justine and I were so excited to head down to Austin, Texas to visit our awesome friends Oz and Stephanie for the weekend. We arrived on Friday evening and enjoyed a scrumptious meal at a family owned Greek joint. Delicious food and drinks were served all around! We discussed the agenda for the following day and watched some hilarious Summer Heights High!

Okay, so far so good.

Saturday started auspiciously enough. We were all excited to go down to Lockhart Texas to see some of the filming locations for The Faculty (the fun 1998 sci-fi/slasher hybrid) and to get some BBQ at the oldest spot in Texas : BLACKS.

Well, shortly before we left I got a sudden attack on my back and stomach. Was an alien about to burst through? Had I been infected a la The Faculty? Nope, just projectile vomit rising quickly.

Long story short:

After a "I Feel Fine" false alarm, we went down and took some pics and ate some BBQ (wish I had an appetite as it tasted amazing).

The ride home was miserable and my friends/the pain convinced me to go to the ER. IV's, blood work, and a Cat scan later I found out I had two kidney stones to pass! I think finding out I was a host for an alien would have been better news.

24 hours of unimaginable pain later we headed back to Oklahoma with a wish to come back quickly...and without kidney stones.

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